Tandy Leather Ecoflo Gum Tragacanth with Multi-Size Wood Slicker Set – 4.4 fl oz


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ULTIMATE LEATHER FINISHING PACK! Everything you need to make your leather look Absolutely Amazing! These will become your ultimate tools for burnishing for all your leather projects. This package is ideal for all for all those small curved areas that are often hard to reach, making it a must have for any leather craft artisan, enthusiast, or beginner.

For best results, round off edge of leather with an edge beveler prior to application. Apply a thin coat of Gum Tragacanth to beveled edge of leather with a wool dauber, cloth or slightly damp sponge. Rub edge very briskly with an edge slicker, bone folder or piece of canvas. As the Gum Tragacanth dries and heats up due to friction caused by rubbing, treated edge will darken and shine. Repeat until desired burnish is achieved.

Use caution when applying Gum Tragacanth on leather that is to be stained, antiqued or dyed, as it may resist or block penetration of some color.


Get you bundle today and receive:

1 x Ecoflo Gum Tragacanth 4.4 fl. oz 2620-01

1 x Multi-Size Wood Slicker – 8121-00


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